The Leyendecker View

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In this over-connected and over-informed world, it can be difficult to find unique and insightful perspectives. With our newsletters, it is our goal to provide just that.

We send a brief, weekly newsletter with a curation of links that take a bird’s-eye view to our larger world of finance and the factors that directly and indirectlly influence it. We also provide some links to entertain because we could all use a break. Read an example here.

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The Leyendecker View: Deep Dive Archives

We launched our newsletter program in 2011, with the hope of offering unique and thought-provoking perspectives in a world of information overwhelm. 

While we have evolved and pared down our newsletters, for many years they included The Leyendecker View: Deep Dives. The mission of these long-form newsletters was to contribute to a nuanced and meaningful dialogue in a polarized world. Topics ranged from the light and fun to the challenging and complex and included subjects such as: 

You can browse the TLV Deep Dive archive below and on our blog.