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In this over-connected and over-informed world, it can be difficult to find unique and insightful perspectives. With The Leyendecker View, it is our goal to provide just that.

As an executive search firm in Houston, we feel fortunate to be in a city that has found ways to thrive in a tenuous economy. As professionals in the search business, we consider it our job to keep a pulse on employment trends and economic conditions—in Houston and beyond. In the spring of 2011, we decided to organize our thoughts and observations and share them with those who might find them useful and valuable. The Leyendecker View (TLV) was born from the intention and desire to start a dialog about our world today, where it’s headed and how to continue to be effective leaders and employees in a rapidly changing environment. Our aim has always been to entertain, inform and provoke thought.

In that monthly newsletter's original format, we focused on a range of topics from employment trends, economics, policy, leadership, management and career strategy. It has been our goal to bring you valuable information about identifying, attracting and retaining the brightest and most value-add employees. In each issue, we also took a closer look at a timely topic pertinent to what’s happening in our world, economy or how we work and live today. 

In 2017, we revamped our newsletter program in an effort to avoid contributing to a Too Much Information world, as well as offer our readers more choice in what they want to hear from us. We carved out the content in our original TLV format and separated it into three short, subject-specific newsletters:

1. TLV Economy: A run down of recent economic indicators relevant to our world of corporate and investment finance.
2. TLV Industry Update: Links to major headlines from our worlds of banking, investing, alternative assets and CFO matters.
3. TLV Careers: Links to articles on leadership, management and careers aimed at helping readers navigate an ever-challenging and global career landscape.

Each TLV Short is sent once per month. Past issues can be found on our blog.

We now send our longer think pieces—what we call TLV Deep Dives, which are born from our original TLV format—once a quarter. They can now be found on our blog.

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