Our Search Philosophy

A Thoughtful Search Process

There's a place for everyone and everyone has their place, but not every place is for everyone. This serves as the foundation for all of our efforts.

Each of us has our own unique value proposition

Every company is different and every candidate is different. Understanding the unique value propositions of both company and candidate is paramount to making the most appropriate needs, capabilities and cultural match.

Each of us has our own expectations

We sometimes suggest our job is to match motivated buyers (client companies) with motivated sellers (candidates) who share common expectations. Understanding everyone's expectations is crucial to making the best matches for both clients and candidates. 

Over 30 years of process refinement

When L&A takes on your search project, you get the benefit of a search methodology that has been refined for over 30 years. Imagine your skills after 30 years of constantly striving to improve the productivity and success of your role. Our search process is extremely productive. It quickly drives us to candidates whose experience, skills and values are a natural fit to your needs. It allows us to complete your search projects much faster than the average executive search firm. We can't even remember the last time a client needed to use our placement guarantee; we aren’t satisfied until we know we’ve provided you a hire of substance and value.

The Four I's

Over 30 years of executive search experience has sharpened our ability to identify what we believe are the most important attributes of successful people. 

  • Intellect: The desire and capacity to learn.

  • Intuition: The ability to read between the lines.

  • Initiative: The innate drive to exceed expectations.

  • Integrity: An unwavering resolve to do the right thing.

Surround yourself with people that “score” high in these attributes, and your efforts will be very rewarding.

A client once suggested we add a fifth I to our list.

  • Interpersonal: The ability to work productively with all people.
We believe this fifth I is very relevant, but we also believe that anyone who possesses the first four I's will naturally possess the fifth.