Our Markets

Private Equity, Operating Companies and Corporate Investment and Finance

From California to New York, and Dozens of Markets in Between

Our investor-controlled company C-level placements have led clients to over 35 liquidity events.

Private Equity

We have completed well over 100 investment professional searches for private equity investors. 

We have also completed numerous CFO searches for private equity partnerships. Check out our Solutions Based Search slide deck.

Operating Companies

We have completed over 100 C-level searches for private equity, distressed and special situations investors, and private owner managed and public companies. 

Our C-level search experience for investor controlled operating companies includes organic growth, buy & build, carve out, and restructuring situations. Check out our Solutions Based Search slide deck.

We have completed hundreds of searches for C-level direct reports at operating companies including Controller, Treasurer, Director/Manager of FP&A and/or Corporate Development, VP/Director of HR and Director of Risk Management. 

At investor-controlled companies, we have also filled numerous “Assistant to the CFO” roles to support the Banking & Treasury, Corporate Development, FP&A and Investor Relations functions.

Corporate and Investment Finance

We have completed hundreds of searches for lenders in banking and specialty finance, investment bankers, sell-side and buy-side analysts and investment managers. Our search completions have ranged from Partner/Managing Director down to Associate/Analyst.

Our Geographic Experience

As a Houston-based executive search firm, our natural home market is Texas, but our relationships stretch across the country. We have completed assignments in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, St. Louis, Denver, Washington DC, Atlanta, New Orleans, Tulsa, Raleigh and Minneapolis. In addition, we have completed a number of assignments in parts of the country few have ever visited. 

Search execution is all about process. After 30+ years of 
refinement, our process works in any market.