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Happy New Year & New Decade: December 31, 2019
Every year should teach you something valuable; whether you get the lesson is up to you.”
- Oprah

Happy New Year, and Happy New Decade!
Before we look forward to a new decade, we’ve compiled a look back—from the most defining moments to the bests of science, technology, and culture of the 2010s.
May the new year and new decade bring you great fortune and great health.
Why a new decade feels momentous
How we divide the days, weeks, months, and years is arbitrary. But that doesn’t need to stop us from finding meaning in a new decade.

The Decade Defined
The decade, explained
From the Kardashians, to the Arab Spring, #MeToo, and everything in between. 
We’ve just had the best decade in human history. Seriously.
The rational optimist’s take on the past ten years.
The decade tech lost its way
An interactive oral history of the decade’s technologies that changed our world for better and worse.
A decade of fitness
Exercise trends that came and went, and what the research revealed along the way.
The decade of celebrity fearmongering
Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow made the 2010s the decade of health and wellness misinformation.
The most defining pop culture moments of the past decade
Lady Gaga’s meat dress kicked off the decade. Operation Varsity Blues closed it out.
Tops from the Tens
The 10 most influential technologies of the 2010s
The 10 most important IPOs of the 2010s
The 10 biggest science stories of the past decade
The 10 greatest inventions of the past decade
The 10 best TV shows of the 2010s
The 10 best nonfiction books of the 2010s
The 10 best fiction books of the 2010s
Top 10 sports plays of the decade
Top 17 viral videos of the decade

The top 20 business transformations of the last decade

The 24 best movies of the 2010s
The 50 most important music moments of the past decade
207 unforgettable comedy moments from the 2010s
Looking Forward…
9 delightful tips for living smarter in 2020
Small ideas that could make a big impact.
Who’s up for a roaring ‘20s?
A humorist’s plea for a decade of fun and frivolity. 
23 hilarious predictions about 2020 that are way off
A compilation of old predictions about what life would be like in 2020. Maybe by 2029, we’ll be living in flying houses and delivering mail via rocket ship.
20 science and tech predictions for the new decade
We’ll check again in ten years to see what comes true.

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