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The Leyendecker View: December 20, 2019

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
- Winston Churchill

The top M&A deals of the 2010s
How are technology and globalization affecting strategy?

Robots coming to wipe out high-paying jobs
Sorry math geniuses, you ain’t genius enough.
Venture companies squeezing Wall Street out
Putting highly lucrative business at risk.

Europe’s banks face large capital shortfall
They may need more than $400B in new capital.
Super-rich pouring money into private debt market
Everyone is searching for more yield.
MSD Capital throws in the towel
No more active stock-picking.
Investing in 2020
High-profile experts give their view.
Alternative Assets
The latest on investment manager fees
Institutional Investor takes a look.
Hedge funds busted in the UK
Trying to gain the advantage.
The cash pile just keeps getting bigger
Private equity record cash hits record $771.5B.
The C-Suite
The seven beliefs and behaviors of a growth leader
McKinsey’s take on how to become one.
Leadership in this re-skilling era
Everyone needs to keep learning.
Stakeholders or stockholders?
How are companies performing based upon the Business Roundtable goals?
Factory workers need a college degree
More skills and knowledge needed to work robotic systems.
House passes bill to unlock port infrastructure spending
You mean they’re doing something besides impeachment?
State spending climbs 9% in FY 2019
What’s all that recession talk about?
The American Experience
Frugal will be the new cool in the 2020s
How frugality got its groove back.
Kanye West interview
Kanye responds to his transformation and being “culture canceled.”
25 ideas that will shape the 2020s
Fortune asked 25 movers and shakers what they think.
The Tech World
14 charts that explain 2019
Unicorns, WeWork and more.
California Consumer Privacy Act starts in January
Will you exert your right to privacy?
The activists now going after big tech
Could big tech be the next climate change issue?
The War on Carbon
Plastic getting more recycle-able
Necessity is the mother of invention.
Mini-nukes, the next generation
But not without controversy.
Ex-con wants to recycle electric car batteries
What to do with 250,000 tons of toxic battery waste from every 1MM in eCars.
The world’s cash is growing and disappearing
No one really knows where it’s going.
1984 is today in China
How they are spying on 1.4 billion people.
How many years do Europeans work?
Better to live in Italy than Switzerland.
A Better You
Breaking bad
Habits, that is.
Why some people are incredibly talented
Is it nature, or is it nurture?
Embrace your broken sleep
It’s when you could be the most creative.
For Deep Thinkers
Understanding the Trump phenomenon
Why did he get elected?
Why is everyone so confused?
Selfie-man or global citizen—can we be both?
How writing began
It started in caves, of course.
The kids are killing it
The highest paid YouTube stars of 2019.
The biggest empires in human history
Guess where the U.S. sits on the list? (Hint: nowhere.)
Chaos at the top of the World
All you need to do is see the photo that opens this story.
TLV Careers: Networking & Job Searching Around the Holidays
December 13, 2019
Thanksgiving Leftovers: A TED for Every Mood
November 29, 2019

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