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TLV Industry: September 27, 2019

A rich person can buy what they want. 
A poor person makes their wealth by means of creativity.”
- Musa Dağdeviren



Cash is king
Google overtakes Apple’s cash hoard.
CEO pay has exploded, while average Joe wages have barely moved
Check out the infographic.

Shareholders no longer #1
Now stakeholders are, but who are they?
Which state is the biggest exporter in the country?
Should be an easy guess.
Social Security’s future looks bleak
So, where’s the policy effort in Washington?
Silicon Valley is depressed
Maybe all that super cool technology isn’t so great for the world.
American values
What a difference 20 years make.
Workers fleeing big cities for smaller ones
With the ease of remote work to thank.
Which global cities have the most Ultra Rich?
What the heck is Washington DC doing here?
Majority of Americans favor breaking up big tech
Another reason to be depressed in Silicon Valley.
The world’s biggest consumers of antidepressants
The U.S. isn’t even in the top 15.
Public confidence in Mexico
Maybe the U.S. and Europe aren’t so bad after all?
Global clean energy investment on the decline
It’s at a six-year low.
Reducing carbon much easier said than done
Check out the Dutch experience.
European debt problems
Several countries have alarming housing debt.
Cash was king!
Is the U.S. headed towards a cashless society?
How U.S. banks took over the world
Can we do the same with manufacturing?
Investment banking revenue plunging
To lowest levels since 2006.
Fintech coming to a “street corner” near you
The top fintech companies of 2019.
Where the wealthiest are putting their money
And where they’re not.
Are index funds the next subprime CDO?
“The Big Short” winner thinks so.
How David Swensen made Yale fabulously rich
And the money keeps piling up.
Is David Swensen good for investing?
How the Yale Model ate endowments—and everything else.
From public company to private company
Such reversals are happening at their fastest pace in a decade.
Is that a pin prick we’re hearing?
SoftBank has problems.
Private equity ripe for disruption
Is there a Vanguard-style model coming?
Does IRR have a fatal flaw?
Maybe it’s not private equity’s best performance measure after all. 
PE portfolio companies 10X more likely to go bankrupt
That’s why they used to be called “leveraged” buyouts.
Managing isn’t all about metrics
There’s more to it than an obsession with the numbers.
Delegate more and more
It increases productivity, morale and commitment.
The difference between winning and succeeding
From the best college basketball coach ever.
First born children have C-level advantage
Born to lead, or thrust into that role at a young age?
America’s 50 best restaurants in 2019
Get out your culinary bucket list.
Why are there 5,280 feet in a mile?
We knew you were curious.
How to lose weight while barely moving
Use your brain…a lot.
The best scotch whiskies of 2019
Get ready for holiday gift giving.
The perfect apple has arrived
After two decades of development.
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September 13, 2019
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