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TLV Careers: August 2, 2019

A year from now, you may wish you had started today.”
- Karen Lamb


Lead & Manage Better

Job interview etiquette isn’t just for the applicants
Remember: they’re interviewing you just as much as you’re interviewing them.
‘True Gen’: Generation Z and its implications for companies
Gen Z has arrived—as employees and consumers. Read on for their impact on management and marketing.

Work Better
The surprising benefits of gossiping at work
Some new research shows office gossip by the numbers (e.g. men and women gossip the same amount) and by the benefits.
How and when to use anger in a negotiation
Just the right amount can move negotiations forward, too much can stop them dead. Here’s what the research suggests.
Job Search Better
3 questions hiring managers want you to answer
They won’t ask explicitly, but you need to make sure you answer them anyway.
What to do if you were just laid off
How to manage the three stages of a lay off: 1) you think it’s coming, 2) you’re having the conversation, 3) you’re wading through the aftermath.
Learn Better
5 things to know about rental car insurance before buying
If you’re already insured, here’s how to tell if the rental company’s insurance is worth your money.
What to do when you’re awake at 3 a.m.
Three tricks if you suffer from “maintenance insomnia.”
A people map of the US
Curious who the most Wikipedia-ed person of note from any city is? There’s an app for that!
Meet the carousing, harmonica-playing Texan who won a Nobel for his cancer breakthrough
In case you missed this: Texans can take particular pride in this local hero, not short on color and flair.
The Leyendecker View: To the Moon and Back
A celebration of the 50thanniversary of the lunar landing
TLV Industry: Save the World, or Make Money?
July 16, 2019

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