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TLV Careers: January 19, 2018

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, 
do more and become more, you are a leader.”
- John Quincy Adams


Learn Better

Productivity tips you haven’t considered
Hide from your manager when possible if you want to get more done. Exploit those rainy days for more productivity from yourself and collaborators.
Be a better spontaneous speaker
Almost all the speaking we do is spontaneous, not planned. Follow the link for three steps to help you feel more confident and prepared thinking and talking on your feet.

Manage Better
Build trust and productivity with a simple conversation
We are wired for conversations to have such a profound impact on us that they can turn genes on and off. In other words, words can change our physiology. Watch the video to learn how “conversational intelligence” works and how you can master it to motivate your team.
Why you should hire overqualified workers
“Slightly to moderately overqualified” workers are more likely to make proactive and creative impact in their workplace. It makes sense: if an employee doesn’t have to devote time and energy to growing with the job, they can grow circumstances around their jobs to the benefit of the company at large.
Job Search Better
How to address being overqualified   
A handy guide for speaking to over qualification in interviews. Per the prior link, you can also now explain how being moderately over qualification allows you to contribute with more creativity and proactivity in ways that extend beyond your direct responsibilities.
8 articles that will give you the confidence to ask for a raise
Follow the link for the equivalent of the “Rocky” theme song to pump you up when preparing to make a solid, evidence-based case for a raise.
Lead Better
4 ugly truths great leaders know about good ideas
There are good ideas and then there are good ideas worth pursuing. Here’s some food for thought on how to distinguish between the two to pursue the most likely to succeed.
Leaders need “narrative intelligence” to communicate their own story
An interesting case study on how a nothing scandal or tiny controversy can spiral if leaders don’t apply “narrative intelligence” to take control of the situation.
Netflix’s end-of-year streaming stats
Well it seems that in a tumultuous, overwhelming year, many of us took shelter in Netflix. The winner, though, is a nameless man who watched “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” 365 times. Congratulations?
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