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TLV Careers: December 8, 2017

A calm and modest life brings more happiness 
than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.”
- Albert Einstein


Learn Better

ASAP Science: How to learn faster
Take notes on pen and paper, not your laptop. Study, sleep, study. Change up your practice tactics. Exercise. And other such tricks so you can learn faster and better.
TED Talk: How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas
Every time we reach for our smartphones, we miss those moments of boredom that can spark creativity, reflection and growth. Research shows that it’s when we’re not doing anything that the brain’s synapses begin firing, connecting and creating new insights. Do nothing and you may just imagine the next Lyft.

Manage Better
Taking one for the team: Companies foster collaboration
A company built on inter-department collaboration is more adaptable and capable of meeting customer needs. Asking a quiet engineer to work with an extroverted salesperson can cause tension. But by working through it productively, new and better ideas can be realized.
What does it take to make the right hire?
When resumes can be easily exaggerated or minimize the talent and potential of a young worker, how can you find the right candidate? Consider tools that measure both technical and personal competence. Read on for a guide to determine when to use which kind of testing and to what extent.
Lead Better
Great leaders know when to hit pause and engage
Per Gallup, only 13% of workers worldwide report feeling engaged in and psychologically committed to their work. It’s the job of leaders to develop an instinct for when it’s time to regroup and re-engage their workers. Read on for a 4-step plan to achieve just that.
Forgiveness is a leadership trait that unites and stabilizes
That we will lead difficult people is inevitable. Instead of avoiding conflict or pushing them out the door, consider pushing them to ask forgiveness from those who’ve voiced complaints about their behaviors and commit to improving. It can be a powerful experience for all involved.
Job Search Better
4 ways not to tip off your boss that you’re looking for a new job
Four helpful ideas, including one so obvious, it’s easy not to consider it: ask in your cover letter for discretion in handling your candidacy.
Want to feel more peace about a decision? Stop dwelling on the negatives.
Turns out, when making any decision, like one about a job, we give disproportionate weight to the negatives. Read on for the forces at play and insights to offset the negativity bias.
Millennial job interview
While this satirical video of a Millennial interviewing for a job plays on all the worst stereotypes of her generation, you gotta admire her honesty!
TLV Lessons From the Search Trade: December 1, 2017
The road to success is always under construction
TLV Deep Dive: November 18, 2017
The North Korean conundrum

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