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TLV Careers: September 29, 2017

Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.”
- Vince Lombardi
Learn Better

Efficiency vs. effectiveness
Have technologies made us more efficient or like hamsters on a wheel, desperately trying to stay on top of our many lines of digital communications? Perhaps what we should be asking ourselves is not how do we become more efficient, but how do we become more effective.
Scrap everything you know about creating strong passwords—and do this instead
Never mind, says the man who declared in 2003 that strong passwords are a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers, changed every 90 days. The now 72 year old admitted he was rushed to devise the rules with little supporting empirical research. He had only one research paper from the 1980s to rely on. Oops. Now there is loads of empirical research, and it says—just go for long, easy-to-remember phrases. And change it only if there’s been a sign of breach.

Manage Better
How to get people to talk in meetings
4 ideas to encourage even the quietest of people to speak up in meetings.
Want your team to collaborate more? The answer is surprisingly simple.
Technology facilitates collaboration. But getting face-to-face time is the strongest way to get more collaboration out of a team. Literally—the closer their desks are to each other’s, the more collaborative they will be.
Lead Better
4 ways leaders approach their personal brand (that don’t feel forced)
Leaders have a personal brand—so, too, should aspiring leaders. Read on for 4 considerations that go into building your own personal brand.
HBR: How new managers can send the right leadership signals
The best managers don’t just manage—they also lead. Follow the link for a blueprint to establish an authentic and connected leadership presence for and with your team.
Job Search Better
How to know when it’s time to quit a job you like
Here’s a process to determine if you’ve plateaued at a job—even one you like—with no meaningful growth opportunity on the horizon. From there, follow the link for tips to exit gracefully.
Want to make more money? Get comfortable asking this uncomfortable question.
How much do you make? Asking this of someone in the role you want or similar is the only way to avoid under-selling yourself in salary negotiations.
America’s top industries and companies: 1917, 1967, and 2017
A fascinating look at the industries and companies that have dominated the American economy over the last century—and the few that have survived for the long haul.
TLV Industry: September 19, 2017
Headlines From Corporate & Investment Finance
TLV Economy: September 6, 2017
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