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TLV Industry: August 18, 2017

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.”
- Charles Swindoll


Are BDCs ready to be tamed?
Alternative debt providers may soon see growing competition from institutional investors.
U.S. Bank CEOs are paid three times their global competitors
Last year, US CEOs earned 3.26 times as much as their global peers, but below the peak of 6.8 times their peers in 2004.

World’s biggest banks
JPMorgan cracks into the Chinese “elite.” Check out the global top 10.
America’s community banks hope for lighter regulation
Only four federally insured community banks have opened since 2012, yet four disappear every week.
Pension funds sue banks over stock lending market
Some institutional investors think the big banks have conspired to stifle competition in the stock lending market.
Ten years after going public, Blackstone stock hasn’t budged
Those smart guys have only matched the S&P 500’s returns since their IPO. Who has made the most money? Employees, maybe?
Robots are eating money managers’ lunch
They can build a car and outdo all but the right-place-at-right-time money managers. Obscure assets may be the human investor’s only refuge.
Has the meteoric rise of passive investing created the biggest bubble ever?
Maybe faith in robot managers is leading us toward a less than desirable outcome.
Examining the maturation of the buyout industry
There’s a much thinner margin of outperformance. Similar to what happened with hedge funds, is too much money pushing PE returns towards a general public market index?
The dos and don’ts of private equity for entrepreneurs
Four things to do, four things not to do.
Viking hedge fund to return $8B to investors
Hedge fund investing ain’t what it used to be.
Private equity increases emerging market assets to over $500B
If the U.S. is a mature market, it’s time to move on to greener pastures.
How CEOs can work with an active board
Boards can’t rest on their laurels as much as they used to. Straight from the deep insiders at the Harvard Business Review.
Untangling your organization’s decision making
McKinsey should know, right?
CEOs are getting fired for ethical lapses more than they used to be
We’re no longer living in a “Mad Men” world.
How to handle underperformers you inherit
With so much potential liability in managing human resources, how do you get rid of dead wood?
The richest people in human history (pre Industrial Revolution)
Our modern day magnates have nothing on these ancient aristocrats.          
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