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TLV Careers: July 19, 2017

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”
- Marcus Aurelius

Lead Better

The science of pep talks
For as valuable as pep talks can be, there is very little training in how to give one that motivates employees and drives results. It turns out, there is science to the art of the pep talk. Follow the link for the three elements a pep talk needs to impact the bottom line.
11 Modern leadership lesson’s from history’s masters
Today’s leaders speak about the leaders of yesterday who’ve influenced their leadership philosophy. Inspiration from Martin Luther King, Jr., Buddha and Marcus Aurelius follow.

Manage Better

Why 99% of all meetings are a complete waste of money
Each meeting is an opportunity cost for all attendees. Next time you plan a meeting, ask yourself if the meeting will, either through decision-making or an action plan, save money or generate revenue. Follow the link for the telltale signs of money-wasting meetings.
How to manage your star employee
Excellent team members are a dream and offer their own unique management challenges. Read on for how to negotiate some of the caveats that come with the star employee, from keeping them engaged, preventing their burnout and avoiding resentment from others on the team.

Job Search Better

Never eat lunch at your desk
“…never let your employer be a monopsonist for your services. If your skills, contacts, and motivation to find another job completely atrophy, you are completely at their mercy for raises, promotions, and continued employment…” Buck the trend of the desk lunch and instead use every lunch as an opportunity to build mutually beneficial professional relationships. Sharing a meal will always be way more memorable than a phone call or email exchange.
How to answer “What’s your management style?”
A simple three-step plan to answer an important and somewhat tricky interview question.

Learn Better

To get better at managing your time, borrow a training strategy from elite athletes
Nearly 100 years after interval training fundamentally reshaped how athletes train, the idea is finally being adopted outside of sports. A behavioral scientist studied elite performers in various areas—music, medicine, art, etc.—and found the secret is in how they practice: in 60 to 90 intensive minute chunks followed by breaks. A study found that peak performers work for an average of 52 focused minutes followed by a 17-minute break. How and where can you apply “interval training” to your life for increased productivity and less burnout?
How to make a good decision
Most people think of decisions in terms of outcomes. Given how many factors beyond our control produce an outcome, there’s a better way. For good decisions, the process matters more than the outcome. A “good” decision making process will measure all available relevant information against your values to get you to a deliberate, informed choice.


8 of the hottest tech trends of 1776
While our forefathers were signing their John Hancocks on the Declaration of Independence with quill and ink, what were the “tech” entrepreneurs of the day up to? Turns out, they were inventing many things also of immense importance, like modern indoor plumbing, steam engines and submarines. Probably okay that the revolving bookstand has gone by the wayside. 


TLV Deep Dive: Outsmarting Our Smartphones
Are smartphones the cigarettes of the 21st century?
TLV: This Year’s Best Graduation Speeches
Wise words, inspiration, thought-provoking anecdotes—and Will Ferrell hijinks.

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