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TLV Industry: June 16, 2017

The smarter you get, the less you speak.”
Arab proverb
Goldman automates the IPO process
Eliminating thousands of hours of work increases productivity. —Bloomberg Technology
America’s community banks hope for lighter regulation
Lots of challenges for community banks these days, in addition to regulation. —The Economist
How banks can compete against an army of fintech startups
It’s not just community banks that need to keep an eye over their shoulder. —Harvard Business Review
Year-to-date league tables
JPMorgan still leading the pack. —Financial Times
Britt Harris shocks industry, moves to UTIMCO
At least he gets to stay in Austin. —Institutional Investor
Family offices bypass private equity funds
Hoping for better returns, they are turning to direct investments in private companies. —Barron's
What are world’s top money managers betting on?
Check out the hedge fund’s annual Sohn Investment Conference takeaways. —Bloomberg
Buffett says money better spent on plumbers than hedge funds
Dentists and plumbers add more value according to the Oracle of Omaha. —Bloomberg
German central banker urges sovereign debt holders to build cash cushion
Bundesbank exec Andreas Dombret thinks regulation is too weak. —Institutional Investor
A 17-chart breakdown of the U.S. PE industry
Some good charts and data. —Pitchbook  
Hedge fund managers don’t always beat the market, but they still make billions
The 25 best-paid hedge fund managers earned a collective $11B in 2016. —DealBook
KKR gives industrial workers a piece of the action
Can turning rank-and-file workers into shareholders increase returns? —Bloomberg BusinessWeek
The dos and don’ts of private equity for entrepreneurs
Four things you should do, and four things you shouldn’t do. —Entrepreneur
The benefits of thinking like an activist investor
Even if you aren’t under activist attack, best to consider why they might consider you. —McKinsey & Co.
Having too many options can make you a worse negotiator
The more you have to juggle, the less productive you are going to be. —Harvard Business Review
Private equity ditching CEOs
Looks like you have two years to shine or hit the road. —realbusiness
The psychopath in the corner office
Clinicians suggest psychopathic tendencies can be an asset in the C-suite—to a point. —Institutional Investor
The most important invention from every state
Thank you, RI, for the diner! We could have done without the parking meter, OK.
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Where’s our economic catalyst?
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Get on the C-Suite shortlist.
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