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TLV Careers: May 26, 2017

Don’t count the days, make the days count.”
-Muhammad Ali
Lead Better
McKinsey: What makes a CEO exceptional?
McKinsey analyzed the top 5% performing CEOs from 600 S&P 500 companies. Clear patterns of decisions and strategic moves made early in their tenures emerged.
HBR: How to get on the shortlist for the C-Suite
Considerations today for those who strive to land the corner office tomorrow.

Manage Better
Goldman Sachs introduces real-time employee performance review
Goldman Sachs employees asked for more timely and frequent feedback, and Lloyd Blankfein delivered—through a newly rolled out online feedback portal. Goldman is the latest in a series of companies to leverage technologies to innovate the annual review process.
How to attract more job candidates
Thanks to the Internet, job seekers are able to gather loads of information about employer prospects. Where employers used to hold most of the cards, job seekers have become more discerning and likely to slash employer prospects from the list. Read on for survey results about what informed job seekers care about and how to be more attractive to top talent prospects.
Job Search Better
You’re never too old for an informational interview
Informational interviews can help you establish rapport with a new contact, gain insider info that can help land and nail job interviews down the line and make you look fearless and proactive. What do you have to lose? Follow the link for a suggested template to email a request for an informational interview.
What to look for when you go in for an interview
From the minute you walk in the door for an interview, scan the office, observe interactions, listen closely to conversations—all of these things are subtle clues about the company culture and values.
Learn Better
Learning a new language keeps your brain fit
Heightened concentration, improved problem solving, better mental flexibility and multitasking skills are the byproducts of learning another language that can help you today. Perhaps its most enticing benefit, though, manifests as you age: bilingualism appears to counteract declining executive function and even protect against dementia. Get a Rosetta Stone!
The dark art of how (and when) to buy an airline ticket
Summer is nigh. This guide will help you get the best airfare rates as you make travel plans. Bookmark it for a round up of the best sites, reward programs, and credit cards to make you a black belt in travel deals.
Watch this artist draw a whole city from memory
From memory? Really? This will blow your mind.
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How to practice the highest form of intelligence
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