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TLV Careers: April 27, 2017

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. 
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."
Albert Einstein
Lead Better

Intuition is the highest form of intelligence
Intuition can keep you from poor leadership decisions or safeguard you from groupthink. Intelligent intuition might not be what you think it is. Read on to learn how to practice perhaps the highest form of intelligence. 
McKinsey: How functional leaders become CEOs
If you’re a CFO wanting to become a CEO, there are strengths you can emphasize and limitations you can work to improve to position yourself as the most attractive candidate.

Manage Better
Want to exceed expectations? Pay attention to details
Becoming a manager shouldn’t mean leaving the details to those on your team—not if you want your team to impress both customers and leaders.
Why we accidentally stop people from changing
Your team or department is in need of positive change. How might you be subtly sabotaging it?
Job Search Better
How to answer the salary history question without answering it
Four tactics to deal with the dreaded salary question, whether in an online application or an in-person interview.
HBR: 4 kinds of workplaces, and how to know which is best for you
The dream role in the dream industry can be nightmare if the culture doesn’t suit you. Learn to identify different cultures and know in which ones you can thrive.
Learn Better
33 documentaries on Netflix right now that will make you smarter
Unwind and learn at the same time? Doesn’t get much better than that. Check out #23, a documentary called “The Overnighters”: “Jesse Moss explores the modern-day gold rush: men desperate for work who head to the North Dakota oil fields to find it. Many come with just the clothes on their backs and troubled pasts. A local pastor is the only one who will take them in, but he has demons of his own.”
Here’s a trick to get better at accepting criticism
We naturally recoil from criticism—even when it can help us improve or be better at something that matters. But there just might be a simple trick you can employ in advance of feedback to make it easier to hear and apply.
Our ancestors were drinking alcohol before they were human
We might have our primate ancestors to thank for our ability to enjoy that martini.
TLV Industry: April 17, 2017
TLV Deep Dive: Losing and Finding a Sense of Wonder

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