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  • » TLV Deep Dive: We Interrupt The Olympic Games to Bring You...More Olympics

    • February
    • 24
    • 2018

    The Ancient Olympic Games
    The Olympics, born in Greece, were thought to be both a devotion to the god Zeus and an opportunity to unite the Hellenic world. Per mythic legend, Heracles started the first Olympic Games about 3,000 years ago in Olympia to honor his father, Zeus, king of all gods.
    The first written record of the Ancient Olympics dates back to 776 BC. At the time, Greece was a collective of warring city-states. The Games were strove to bring all Grecian people together in a peaceful event every four years.
    Ancient Olympic athletes trained and competed in the nude because this, apparently, showcased the ideal harmony between body and mind. Only by training the body, it was believed, could the mind be developed.  Read More »

  • » TLV Careers: Sprint to the C-Suite

    • February
    • 20
    • 2018

    TLV Careers: February 20, 2018

    Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal;
    nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”
    - Thomas Jefferson


    Learn Better

    11 simple tricks to improve your short-term memory
    First, don’t walk through the doorway. Then, wait…what was the next one?
    How to be the star of a cocktail party where you don’t know a soul
    A five-step plan to walk into a party where you don’t know anyone and walk out with some new friends and contacts. 
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  • » TLV Industry: Headlines From Corporate & Investment Finance

    • February
    • 02
    • 2018

    TLV Industry: February 2, 2018

    When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.”
    - Maya Angelou



    Private credit wedging itself in
    Debt funds raised a record $118.7B in 2017.
    The lightning network
    Want to gorge yourself on block chain and bitcoin?
    Coming to an ATM near you
    Three ways to rob an ATM.
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  • » TLV Careers: Productivity Boost for Those New Year's Resolutions

    • January
    • 19
    • 2018

    TLV Careers: January 19, 2018

    If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
    do more and become more, you are a leader.”
    - John Quincy Adams


    Learn Better

    Productivity tips you haven’t considered
    Hide from your manager when possible if you want to get more done. Exploit those rainy days for more productivity from yourself and collaborators.
    Be a better spontaneous speaker
    Almost all the speaking we do is spontaneous, not planned. Follow the link for three steps to help you feel more confident and prepared thinking and talking on your feet. Read More »

  • » TLV Industry: Headlines From Corporate & Investment Finance

    • December
    • 22
    • 2017

    TLV Industry: December 22, 2017

    "It doesn't get easier. You get better."
    - Unknown


    U.S. bank regulators want more details
    Four of eight largest banks need better crisis plans.
    What does the future hold for American Express?
    With longtime CEO heading off into the sunset and fintech growing, change is inevitable.
    BlackRock’s edge
    Why technology is creating the Amazon of Wall Street Read More »

  • » TLV Careers: Tricks to Learn Faster

    • December
    • 08
    • 2017

    TLV Careers: December 8, 2017

    A calm and modest life brings more happiness
    than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.”
    - Albert Einstein


    Learn Better

    ASAP Science: How to learn faster
    Take notes on pen and paper, not your laptop. Study, sleep, study. Change up your practice tactics. Exercise. And other such tricks so you can learn faster and better.
    TED Talk: How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas
    Every time we reach for our smartphones, we miss those moments of boredom that can spark creativity, reflection and growth. Research shows that it’s when we’re not doing anything that the brain’s synapses begin firing, connecting and creating new insights. Do nothing and you may just imagine the next Lyft. Read More »

  • » TLV: Lessons From the Search Trade | The Road to Success is Always Under Construction

    • December
    • 01
    • 2017

    TLV Lessons From the Search Trade: December 1, 2017

    The Road to Success is Always Under Construction

    One of my favorite movie scenes comes from "The Insider," an outstanding piece of cinematic narrative about how a “60 Minutes” producer was able to persuade an insider with the knowledge of tobacco's harmful practices to come forward. Al Pacino played relentless “60 Minutes” producer, Lowell Bergman. Russell Crowe played Jeffrey Wigand, the ousted tobacco executive capable of exposing the big lie. And Christopher Plummer brilliantly played iconic “60 Minutes” telejournalist, Mike Wallace. 
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  • » TLV Deep Dive: The North Korea Conundrum

    • November
    • 18
    • 2017

    TLV Deep Dive: The North Korea Conundrum

    With President Trump just returning from his first official trip to Asia, we will now watch and wait. What can we expect next from North Korea? What can we expect next from the Trump administration?
    While in Asia, President Trump’s tone changed somewhat, focusing less on the fiery, war-laced rhetoric and more on diplomacy, even going so far as extending an invite to Kim Jong-un to “come to the table” and make a deal.” Trump also went out of his way to praise China, perhaps to prime President Xi Jinping for trade negotiations, perhaps to coax him into more help with North Korea—probably both.
    While no one knows what the future holds with North Korea, it can still be helpful to understand how we got here. To that end, let’s take another historical deep dive, this time into Korea’s past in order to better grasp its present.

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  • » TLV Industry: Headlines From Corporate & Investment Finance

    • October
    • 20
    • 2017

    TLV Industry: October 20, 2017

    Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”
    - Bill Gates


    Goldman’s new challenge
    Their image is still pristine, their business model…hmmm.
    Wells Fargo earnings call
    Is the fire still burning down the house?
    As Europe’s banks retreat Chinese banks fill the void
    It was only a matter of time. Read More »

  • » TLV Careers: Efficiency or Effectiveness?

    • September
    • 29
    • 2017

    TLV Careers: September 29, 2017

    Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.”
    - Vince Lombardi

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    Efficiency vs. effectiveness
    Have technologies made us more efficient or like hamsters on a wheel, desperately trying to stay on top of our many lines of digital communications? Perhaps what we should be asking ourselves is not how do we become more efficient, but how do we become more effective.
    Scrap everything you know about creating strong passwords—and do this instead
    Never mind, says the man who declared in 2003 that strong passwords are a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers, changed every 90 days. The now 72 year old admitted he was rushed to devise the rules with little supporting empirical research. He had only one research paper from the 1980s to rely on. Oops. Now there is loads of empirical research, and it says—just go for long, easy-to-remember phrases. And change it only if there’s been a sign of breach. Read More »

  • » TLV Industry: Headlines From Corporate & Investment Finance

    • September
    • 19
    • 2017

    TLV Industry: September 19, 2017

    Success and failure—we think of them as opposites, but they're really not.
    They're companions—the hero and the sidekick
    - Laurence Shames


    The new dynamics of financial globalization
    Is a more stable form of financial globalization emerging?
    Retail banks’ foreign ventures rarely pay off
    As we may expect, locals prefer banking with locals.

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  • » TLV Economy: Summer Doldrums?

    • September
    • 06
    • 2017

    TLV Economy: September 6, 2017 | Summer Doldrums?

    “In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
    - Robert Frost


    “The truth is what you want to believe.” That’s what we wrote about the economy in March. Donald Trump had recently started his term as president. Many in the private sector had great optimism that a Washington outsider would shift economic policy to inspire greater economic, job and wage growth. 
    We’re now seven months into a Trump presidency, and it appears very little has changed. Although last quarter GDP growth has been revised up to 3%, several economic indicators suggest we still have a struggling economy. We’re back to employment growth falling short of expectations. The BLS’ reported 156K job gains for August is masked by a decrease in the average workweek from 34.5 to 34.4 hours. If you calculated the job loses from the average workweek loss, we mathematically lost a total of 200K jobs in August. Less work…fewer jobs. 
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